Lace Village: Fun with Entertainers for the Youngest 

Town Square

16 and 17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM, Town Square

In the Lace Village, the youngest will be able to make a mega-lace jigsaw puzzle, play a mega-game Man, don’t get angry, knit plaits on a big pillow and have a lot of fun...


Land of Vzajemko with Interactive Workshops for Children

Town Square

16 and 17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM

The youngest visitors of the Festival will be entertained by Vzajemko and his Land of Health with a variety of fun activities.

»Mummy, Teach Me How to Cook« - Let's Cook Healthy

All-day cooking workshop for children and adults with the cook Emilija Pavlič

Town Square

16 and 17 June: from 10 AM to 5 PM

Emilija Pavlič, a children's cook will run an all-day cooking workshop for children and adults – the participants will grate almonds, eat home-made fruits, learn about healthy nutrition and ecological cooking...

The Story of Idrija Miner’s House 

Idrija Miner House, Bazoviška 4

16 and 17 June: from 10 AM to 6 PM guided tours

16 June at 3:30 PM Event »I'm Going to Marry a Miner, I'm Going to be happy forever« (Primary School Idrija)

On a slope, not far from the town centre, surrounded by vegetable gardens there is one of the last miners’ houses that for centuries have shaped the image and reflected the working importance of Idrija. You must be wondering what the life of miners’ families looked like one hundred years ago? Idrija Municipal Museum invites you to take guided tours of the Idrija Miner’s House during the festival days. You might be especially curious to try to play Volkalca game, taste Zeljševka cake and chat with lace-makers. Stories from the miners’ past will revive in the games, songs and dance of the 5th year pupils of Idrija Primary School under the mentorship of Lidija Kacin with accordion accompaniment by Žan Podobnik, a student of Idrija Music School.


Text by: Miriam Gnezda Bogataj, MA Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology


The Search for Perkmandlc Treasure

Anthony's Main Road

16 and 17 June: at 10:30 AM and 14:30 PM

Interactive tour for families (aged 3+)
Booking at infohg@cudhg-idrija.si or on 031 810 194

Perkmandlc is still hiding in the depths of the mine and until the present day, he has not said a word about the hidden treasure. But who knows, it might be the right time now to surprise you and show you the way to the treasure. Get on the search and with the help of interesting tasks, through observations, experiences, feelings and discovering trenches, learn about the various mining jobs.

DURATION: an hour and a half of joy and fun

LENGTH OF THE ROUTE: 1200 meters and one hundred steps down and up the path

PERKMANDLC RECOMMENDS: suitable footwear, good will and a great deal of curiosity


Text by: CUDHg
Lace Screen Printing Workshop 

Town Square

16 June: from 11 AM to 12 AM and from 5 PM to 6 PM

17 June: from 2 PM to 5 PM, Town Square

You are invited to the creative workshop where you will learn about the screen printing technique, materials and equipment that we need at work. We will print gorgeous lace motifs, and I will be happy to explain everything you would like to know about this graphic technique.

The workshop is free for everyone who brings his T-shirt to decorate it with a lace pattern. All others can choose products for printing on the spot.

The workshop will be run by Janja Priveršek (JP design), and the author's samples of Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Idrija will be printed.


Prices of printing materials:

- cotton bag € 4

- cotton doily € 3

- children T-shirt € 7

- adult T-shirt € 9


Text by: Janja Priveršek


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