Lace Programme




Exhibition schedule during the Festival:

15 -17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM

June 15: from 7 PM to 9 PM free entrance to all exhibitions



The Main Exhibition of the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers: Beauty and the Beast

15 years of operation

Gallery of St. Barbara under the Town Square, Town Square 14

Exhibition opening: 15 June at 7 PM

18 – 30 June: from 3 PM to 6 PM

This year, the exhibition of the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers, at its fifteenth anniversary, will be presented in the artistic version of lace and textile collage. Each of the fifteen "pictures" will present a different, abstract image of the famous theme from one of the most popular fairy tales, ever written: Beauty and the Beast. Although the story is fictitious, it is surprisingly related to the reality, more closely than all the "narratives" on television and our favourite modern media.

How much do we appreciate lace today and what does it communicate to us? What kind of mission do the lace-makers have in the tale of timeless love, the cursed prince, and a beautiful girl, imprisoned by the Beast, as a voluntary prisoner, in its glittering, golden and brocade-decorated castle? Who can see beyond the glitter of the visible, who opens the way of love, who is the only one that can break the sinful curse? Who can save himself and the Beast?


Text: Silvij Jereb


Vologda: Lace capital of Russia

Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Nikolaj Pirnat Exhibit Space, Prelovčeva 9

Exhibition opening: 16 June at 5 PM
Demonstration of lacemaking: 15 and 16 June from 10 AM to 5 PM
18 June – 2 September: from 9 AM to 6 PM

Vologda lace is a significant artificial phenomenon of Russian culture that gives unique charm to Vologda Region. The lace craft in this region has always been the largest in Russia. Over the centuries it has remained contemporary and popular.

Lace panels, tablecloths and objects of clothing presented at the exhibition were designed by famous Vologda artists at the end of 20th and the beginning of 21st centuries. The artists carefully carried the traditions of Vologda lace, enriching it with new ideas of their own. All the exhibits are handmade in a traditional bobbin lace technique. The exhibition reflects the main peculiarities of Vologda lace – its monumentality and decorativeness, predominance of floral patterns and the harmony of composition.


Ms. Natalia Boeva, director of Vologda Lace Museum
Jasna Kralj Pavlovec: ROUTES OF FATE

Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Small Gallery, Prelovčeva 9

Exhibition opening: 8 June at 7 PM
9–14 June and 18 June – 2 September: from 9 AM to 6 PM

ROUTES OF FATE is a story of two worlds intertwined to make sense and existence to each other. It is the story of the genesis of the underground world. It is a story that remains written in the human genome. It is a lace presenting the day-to-day travel of the underground kings to the world of darkness, and of the waiting women who were making images from the thread in the light of the day. It is a gift for an individual, a neighbour and the guild solidarity. It is the story of daily going underground and returning home, again and again. It's the story of Idrija.

The daily ROUTES OF FATE of the underground kings are mirrored in the author's interpretation of the lace through which the light is reflected into the space, changing and waving, same as our memories. The images of the repeating rhythm of the travel symbolically depict the community development, the community of free and proud people.


Text by:  Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, MSc Architectural Engineering
"Look What I Know!" 2018

Annual exhibition of Idrija lace made by the children and young students of Idrija Lace School

Idrija Lace School, Prelovčeva 2

Exhibition opening: 15 June at 6 PM
18 June – 31 August: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM, Wednesday from 9 AM to 7 PM. Sundays closed.

Lace-making in Idrija is a living heritage. Year after year, it is confirmed by the generations of children and young people who are educated in the art of Idrija lace-making at Idrija Lace School. Some of the laces, they made in the school year 2017-18, can be seen at this year's exhibition. This is the 13th year that the visitors can vote for the most beautiful lace of your choice. You can vote between 15 and 17 June until 2 PM. At 3 PM, we will announce the results and give an award to the winning lace-maker as well as to the one of randomly drawn voters.


Text by: Metka Fortuna


From Thread to Lace

Retrospective exhibition of fifteen years of cooperation between the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Association of Idrija Lace lace-makers

Gallery above the Town Library Idrija, St. Barbara street 4–5

18 –30 June: from 3 PM to 6 PM

Fifteen years ago, the Municipality of Idrija and the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers concluded an agreement with the Department of Textile, Graphics and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana on long-term cooperation in the field of educational, research and development program "NIMIS" for Idrija lace. Since 2014, the Idrija Heritage Centre has been involved as a coordinator of the activities. They have been focused on the developing of transformation of Idrija lace into a contemporary artistic expression based on the visual art analysis and search for new design possibilities in Idrija lace techniques, in the process from drawing to lace-making and presentation methods.


Under the mentorship of professors Vera Sešlar Založnik, Marjeta Godler, Marija Jenko, Almira Sadar and Elena Fajt, the collaboration of students and Idrija lace-makers has developed into an exceptional, picturesque and highly creative opus of unique lace, demanding and original both in terms of visual content and performance.

Text by: Marija Jenko, Full Prof. of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana
Lace in Reflection

Lacelike structure of the students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers 
“Magazin” underpass, St. Barbara street 4-5


It seems as if an upside-down turned lace house has just crawled from a large opening for grain on the vaulted ceiling of the "Magazine" underpass, the most powerful, dark and strong building in the centre of Idrija, and when we look up to the once black cover, we can unexpectedly see its upright reflection, proudly drifting in a seemingly open space, in which all those standing under it find themselves unexpectedly. By means of reflection in the mirror, they can virtually enter the lively lace structure. Petra Jerič, a graduate in textile design and clothing at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana has revived it under the mentorship, with the original drawing, and the lace-makers Vera Kostanjšek, Anica Loverčič, Marta Logar, Anica Uršič Albina Štucin, Marija Kosmač, Valerija Krivec, Mira Guzelj, Marija Novak Bošković, Milena Kalan and Andreja Uršič, have decorated it with their extraordinary lace-making skills. The project represents the culmination of their fifteen-year cooperation in the framework of the "NIMIS" program.


Text by: Marija Jenko, Full Prof. of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana


The Silver Thread Through the Eyes of Marita Wrong

Centre of Idrija Lace, Prelovčeva 2

Exhibition opening: 16 June at 1 PM

Exhibition schedule during the Festival:

15 -17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM

June 15: from 7 PM to 9 PM free entrance to all exhibitions

Over the centuries, the lace had been constantly changing and gaining new forms, which have become a recognizable characteristic of the Idrija Lace. When we think of lace, the first association is handmade lace, although from the 18th century onward, we have also got to know the machine-made lace and today even three-dimensional printed silver lace. This proves that, despite its centuries-old history, lace, with its beauty and elegance, inspires generations of people, keeping up with the times.

One of the characteristics of the Idrija lace is the Idrija tape - a continuous tape that joins various fine details. The same way the tape joins various elements, the exhibition "Silver Thread through the Eyes of Marita Wrong" connects designers and artists from all over the world who want to show the richness of the lace.

Through various international projects, we will present lace from different aspects at the exhibition. Each project in its own way demonstrates the importance of cultural heritage and the preservation of tradition.


Text by: Marita Wrong
Lepoglava Lace

Exhibition of the lace of Lepoglava Ecology Museum
Centre of Idrija lace, Prelovčeva 2

Exhibition schedule during the Festival:

15 -17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM

June 15: from 7 PM to 9 PM free entrance to all exhibitions

Through a number of projects that seek to collect all of the lace products and preserve the tradition of lace-making in Lepoglava, in the last two years, Lepoglava lace-makers from the Lepoglava Eco-Museum Association have made laces according to the design of Danica Brössle from the catalogue of the Lepoglava Lace. All the lace products bear the logo “protected designation of origin”, and the Lepoglava lace-making has been listed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2009. The laces with which we are participating at the Festival have not yet been shown outside of Croatia. The exhibition will be complemented with a modern approach to lace-making, namely the use of the lace and lace-making techniques in jewellery design and decoration.

The Lepoglava Eco-Museum Association was established in 2011 with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage of Lepoglava. Since then, it has been carrying out various projects in the field of culture, cultural heritage, education and social inclusion. The Association has participated in numerous EU cultural projects. We have also carried out several intangible cultural heritage conservation programs of the Ministry of Culture as well as the international cultural cooperation programs.

Text by: Dejan Bjelivuk, The Lepoglava Eco-Museum


Sun, Sea, Stone and Idrija Lace

Exhibition of the Slovenian Cultural Society Triglav Split
Centre of Idrija Lace, Prelovčeva 2

Exhibition schedule during the Festival:

15 -17 June: from 9 AM to 6 PM

June 15: from 7 PM to 9 PM free entrance to all exhibitions

Far from Idrija, in the city of Split, the heart of Dalmatia, the symbol of Idrija – the Idrija lace is floating in the sun, on the stone and on the foam of the sea waves. Ever since, the Idrija lace-makers have been wearing it and carrying it wherever they went and wherever they lived. So in 1996, our Anka Perak Šebenik came to us and brought with herself a bit of Idrija and its tradition. She was gladly teaching us the basics of the Idria lace lace-making.

She passed away, but she and her Idrija lace still live with us and within us. Our lace-making section of the Slovenian Cultural Society “Triglav” Split has continued her work and the work of the teachers who were teaching the lace-making in Split back in the 19th century.


Text by: Katica Kaštelan


The World of Lace-Makers and Lace

Visual Arts Society Cinober Idrija

»Pri Golitu«, Town Square 16

18 –30 June: from 4 PM to 7 PM

The lace-makers and their masterpieces have always been an important distinguishing feature and value of our place. In addition to the quick silver business, their originality and sophisticated handicraft have brought the glory of our place worldwide. The image of the lace-makers and their laces called “špice” has always attracted artists. Silvester Bajc, Danilo Jereb and Nande Rupnik, the members of Visual Arts Society Cinober Idrija, find in their artistic work a large inspiration in the rich historical heritage, combining it at the same time with the current events. Their artworks tell the stories of local cultural heritage and testify about today's life, and in this way the artists bow down to the people of all  generations who have designed, developed and enriched this space. This exhibition presents a part of this content.


Text by: Nande Rupnik


Permanent Exhibition at the Idrija Municipal Museum: Idrija Lace, a History Written in Thread

Municipal Museum Idrija, Gewerkenegg Castle, Prelovčeva 9

Every day from 9 AM to 6 PM

Idrija is a well-known lace-making centre, both at home and abroad. At the exhibition, we are following the story of handmade Idrija lace together with the stories of its makers – the lace-makers who were selling the lace for centuries to improve the budgets of the miners’ families. In the past, the Idrija quick silver travelled to the world and so did the Idrija lace. Only a few pieces of the lace have remained at home. The most beautiful ones have been collected at the exhibition to take us from the past to the present, when the Idrija lace is getting an important place in the fashion shows of renowned Slovenian fashion designers.

A special place is dedicated to the tablecloth for twelve people made for Jovanka Broz by Idria’s 20 most skilled lace-makers which is one of the biggest protocol gifts made of lace. It is the largest preserved lace product from the 1970s.


Text by: Miriam Gnezda Bogataj, MA Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology 
Loops and Edgings

Philatelic Society Idrija
Gallery above the Town Library, Idrija, St. Barbara street 4–5

18 –30 June: from 3 PM to 6 PM

The Croatian town of Lepoglava has a rich lace-making history. Since 1997, they have been organizing the traditional International Lace Festival, which is held in various locations around the city due to its rich contents. At the lace and philatelic exhibition "Loops and Edgings", the author presents the connection between the lace and philately in his own way. To express respect to the lace and the skilful hands of the lace-makers, this time the philatelic materials of the Lepoglava Festival and the guest countries have been presented and individual types of the lace described.

Text by: Milko LINEC, Maribor Philatelic Society

For a long time, the Idrija philatelists had striven and hoped that at least one Idrija lace would be printed on Slovenian postage stamps. Our wish was fulfilled in 1996 and 1997, when Pošta Slovenije published Idrija lace motifs on 20 stamps that were in use for 10 years.

The Idrija Philatelic Society, with its appropriate showpieces (envelopes, postcards, picture postcards, large cards, stamps and person postage stamps) has been involved in Idrija Lace Festival promotion since 1990, which have been presented chronologically in the showcases.

Text by: Idrija Philatelic Society


Lace Book Markers – Lace-Making Workshop for Adults

Idrija Lace School, Prelovčeva 2

16 June: 9 AM –1 PM

Make your moments with your favourite book even more pleasant with a lace book marker. You will make the lace for your book marker at the workshop. The lace-making will be available in two levels, for less and for more experienced lace-makers.

Prior registration is required for participation in the workshop. For registration and more information, please call the Idrija Lace School, Tel.: +386 (0) 5 37 34 570 or write to Registrations are accepted until the places are filled but no later than 14 June, 2018.


Text by: Metka Fortuna


Intertwining Threads of Modern Artists

The Film Theatre Idrija

16 June: from 7 PM to 8 PM

Slovenia's fascinating art of lace making has been going through a renaissance in the last decade, thanks to Slovenian modern artists, who approached lace making tradition in new forms of expression such as architecture, fashion, interior design, illustration and even culinary art.

Documentary Film Intertwining Threads of Modern Artists follows Slovenian artists from Ljubljana to London and New York in their search of preserving this rich legacy and explores unique potentials that the craft of bobbin lace-making offers in contemporary art.

The screening of the film is organized in cooperation with the Idrija Public Library.


Screenplay and Director: Rahela Jagrič Pirc

Director of Photography: Jože Jagrič

Composer: Aldo Kumar

Producer: Boštjan Ikovic

Production house: Arsmedia,

Co-Funded by: Slovenian film Centre


Duration: 50 minut

National Competition in Bobbin Lace Making for the Ivanka Ferjančič Award 

St. Ahacius' Square

17 June: from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Applications for adults are accepted until 15 June 2018 via e-mail or on Tel.: 05 37 34 570.

Children are qualified for the National Competition based on the results achieved in school competitions. Adults are invited to apply for the competition. You can choose between making Idrija tape or broad tape patterns.


There is no entry fee. The competition has been announced on the website

Text by: Metka Fortuna

Ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of Operation of the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers and its Cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles

The Film Theatre Idrija

June 17: from 1:30 PM to 3 PM

With a great desire to connect numerous lace-makers, in 2003, 36 members founded the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers. Today, after 15 years, there are 120 members in the Association. We work in five groups: the Idrija Group, the Spodnja Idrija Group, the Vrsnik - Ledine Group, the Dole Group and the Črni Vrh - Godovič Group.

The basic mission of the Association is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Idrija lace as well as the knowledge and skills of Idrija lace-making, do the research of historical sources of Idrija lace, collect old patterns and organize exhibitions.


In 2000, with the support of the Municipality of Idrija, we were given the right of branding the lace with the geographical mark Idrija Lace and we are the know-how holder of the Idrija lace lace-making, which is entered in the Register of Intangible Heritage of the Republic of Slovenia.

Together with Idrija Lace School and Idrija Municipal Museum, the members revive the lace-making skills in old and modern techniques, encourage their expansion and represent its wide applicability not only in simple products but also in sophisticated, modern and innovative forms, which are the result of close cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles.


Every year, we create again the products which we present ready-made at the exhibition designed for the Idrija Lace Festival, as well as in other places in Slovenia and abroad. The lace is a kind of a masterpiece, made with a diligent hand, which is sometimes soft and childlike, and sometimes a rough, craggy hand of a lace-maker. Every exhibition of the lace means a holiday to us. A special holiday for us is also this year's celebration of the 15th anniversary of our operation, which shows our sincere attitude towards culture.


Text by: Andreja Uršič
»And the Most Beautiful Lace is...«

St. Ahacius' Square

17 June: at 3 PM


Award ceremony for students who have completed their schooling at the Idrija Lace School

»And the Most Beautiful Lace is...«

Announcement of the most beautiful lace chosen by the visitors of the »Look What I Can Do!« 2018 Exhibition

Award Ceremony for Lace-Making Certificates

Announcement of the best lace-makers in the National Bobbin Lace-Making Competition



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