Central exhibition by the Association of Idrija Lace lace-makers
Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Nikolaj Pirnat Exhibit Space, Prelovčeva 9
Opening of the exhibition: 16th June at 7 PM
19 June - 10 September: from 9 AM to 6 PM

“Forget-me-nots are planted only once, as they are faithful flowers and take care of their offspring themselves.”

Flowers express love and intimacy. They say that those who carry forget-me-nots will never be forgotten by their loved ones. This year, the tiny blooming forget-me-nots are the most beautiful flowers on the field. “This will be your name,” said God, according to the old German legend, but only after he named everything else that he created. A faint voice, coming from the grass, warned god about hundreds of different white, blue and pink flowers of the same genus and said: “Lord, forget-me-not.”
“Do not forget us!” is also the message conveyed by the lace, miniature or otherwise, on display at the central exhibition by the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers using old, maybe already forgotten, brands (Franz Lapajne, Lace Cooperative, company Čipka), derivative or completely new patterns, 70 lace-makes created more than 400 small, challenging and a little less challenging lace, some of which are true masterpieces.