The Main Exhibition of the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers: Beauty and the Beast

15 years of operation

Gallery of St. Barbara under the Town Square, Town Square 14

Exhibition opening: 15 June at 7 PM

18 – 30 June: from 3 PM to 6 PM

This year, the exhibition of the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers, at its fifteenth anniversary, will be presented in the artistic version of lace and textile collage. Each of the fifteen "pictures" will present a different, abstract image of the famous theme from one of the most popular fairy tales, ever written: Beauty and the Beast. Although the story is fictitious, it is surprisingly related to the reality, more closely than all the "narratives" on television and our favourite modern media.

How much do we appreciate lace today and what does it communicate to us? What kind of mission do the lace-makers have in the tale of timeless love, the cursed prince, and a beautiful girl, imprisoned by the Beast, as a voluntary prisoner, in its glittering, golden and brocade-decorated castle? Who can see beyond the glitter of the visible, who opens the way of love, who is the only one that can break the sinful curse? Who can save himself and the Beast?

Text by: Silvij Jereb

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