Exhibition of the Luserna Lace School (Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy)

Small Gallery, Gewerkenegg Castel, Prelovčeva 9

June 17: 7 PM–9 PM

June 18–August 31: 9 AM–6 PM


The exhibition presents Luserna, a little village in the mountain (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy) and its lace school, founded in 1883 as a branch of Proves school (South Tyrol, Italy). It illustrates the history of Luserna lace school through documents, photos, patterns, and laces.

In 1876 the teacher Johanna Ferjančič and her sister Antonia from Idrija went to Proves in order to teach their lace-making technique, later this so-called Idrija lacemaking technique was taught in all branches and also in Luserna. The activity of Luserna lace school continued for more than thirty years, but the school was closed after the First World War, when the village became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Since 1996 the Kulturinstitut of Luserna organises courses to learn the basic stitches and the techniques for recreating the ancient patterns.