Lace dreamcatchers

Exhibition of Idrija lace dreamcatchers


Gewerkenegg Castle, Small Gallery, Prelovčeva 9

Exhibition opening: 8 June at 21.00.

17 and 18 June: opening and closing hours according to festival schedule

The exhibition will be open from 8 June to 3 September from 9 AM to 6 PM; exhibit pieces are for sale.

Saturday, June 17, at 4 PM Conversation with the author of the exhibition

Sunday, June 18, at 10:30 AM Conversation with the author of the exhibition


Dreamcatchers, made by architect and designer Andrejka L. Kofol, are a modern interpretation of the dreamcatchers that North American Indians made for their babies. They believed that dreams and visions are connected to divine forces. The author shares this belief and invites you to experience the beauty of the healing stones, feathers, stranded wood and the holy geometry of lace. Patterns for Idrija lace were made by Sonja Mlakar and Anja Petek.

Dreamcatchers can be an exquisite gift for any personal holiday, weddings, births and business occasions. It can also be a beautiful and meaningful home, car, or office accessory.