Lace in Reflection

Lacelike structure of the students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Association of Idrija Lace Lace-Makers 
“Magazin” underpass, St. Barbara street 4-5

It seems as if an upside-down turned lace house has just crawled from a large opening for grain on the vaulted ceiling of the "Magazine" underpass, the most powerful, dark and strong building in the centre of Idrija, and when we look up to the once black cover, we can unexpectedly see its upright reflection, proudly drifting in a seemingly open space, in which all those standing under it find themselves unexpectedly. By means of reflection in the mirror, they can virtually enter the lively lace structure. Petra Jerič, a graduate in textile design and clothing at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana has revived it under the mentorship, with the original drawing, and the lace-makers Vera Kostanjšek, Anica Loverčič, Marta Logar, Anica Uršič Albina Štucin, Marija Kosmač, Valerija Krivec, Mira Guzelj, Marija Novak Bošković, Milena Kalan and Andreja Uršič, have decorated it with their extraordinary lace-making skills. The project represents the culmination of their fifteen-year cooperation in the framework of the "NIMIS" program.

Text by: Marija Jenko, Full Prof. of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana

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