Idrija Lace, a History Written in Thread

Municipal Museum Idrija, Gewerkenegg Castle, Prelovčeva 9
Every day from 9 AM to 6 PM

Idrija is a well-known lace-making centre, both at home and abroad. At the exhibition, we are following the story of handmade Idrija lace together with the stories of its makers – the lace-makers who were selling the lace for centuries to improve the budgets of the miners’ families. In the past, the Idrija quick silver travelled to the world and so did the Idrija lace. Only a few pieces of the lace have remained at home. The most beautiful ones have been collected at the exhibition to take us from the past to the present, when the Idrija lace is getting an important place in the fashion shows of renowned Slovenian fashion designers.

A special place is dedicated to the tablecloth for twelve people made for Jovanka Broz by Idria’s 20 most skilled lace-makers which is one of the biggest protocol gifts made of lace. It is the largest preserved lace product from the 1970s.


Text by: Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MA Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology


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