Loops and Edgings

Philatelic Society Idrija
Gallery above the Town Library, Idrija, St. Barbara street 4–5
18 –30 June: from 3 PM to 6 PM

The Croatian town of Lepoglava has a rich lace-making history. Since 1997, they have been organizing the traditional International Lace Festival, which is held in various locations around the city due to its rich contents. At the lace and philatelic exhibition "Loops and Edgings", the author presents the connection between the lace and philately in his own way. To express respect to the lace and the skilful hands of the lace-makers, this time the philatelic materials of the Lepoglava Festival and the guest countries have been presented and individual types of the lace described.

Text by: Milko LINEC, Maribor Philatelic Society


For a long time, the Idrija philatelists had striven and hoped that at least one Idrija lace would be printed on Slovenian postage stamps. Our wish was fulfilled in 1996 and 1997, when Pošta Slovenije published Idrija lace motifs on 20 stamps that were in use for 10 years.

The Idrija Philatelic Society, with its appropriate showpieces (envelopes, postcards, picture postcards, large cards, stamps and person postage stamps) has been involved in Idrija Lace Festival promotion since 1990, which have been presented chronologically in the showcases.

Text by: Idrija Philatelic Society

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