Muses Above Idrija: Grand Opening of the 37th Idrija Lace Festival

Art Director: Composer Aldo Kumar

At 9:30 PM, Town Square
*in case of bad weather, the ceremony will be moved to the Blue Hall

Muses, these mythical creatures, have been inspiring artists for centuries. If we listen to them properly, they can make us realize our undiscovered creative dreams with their gentle signs. At this year's Grand Opening, we have invited two types of muses, musicians, well-known to the wide audience, and those known by only a small number of people. These are the muses of the Idrija lace. The magnificent creatures who mysteriously point to the twisted meanders of the paths along which the thread swings making a miraculous image of the Idrija lace.

Let the muses gather together and, shrouded in the light waves of the Idrija lace, accompany our holiday dancing high above us.



Art director: composer Aldo Kumar
Idrija Miners Wind Orchestra, conductor: Domen Prezelj
Cveto Kobal
Divje jezero
Gallina, vocal group

Host: Helena Pregelj Tušar

Lacemakers and miners

Text by: Aldo Kumar


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